It is a challenging room to finishing, the showpiece of the home. When entering any flat, it is after all the first place we see.

As the name suggests, the hallway is situated before the other rooms and most often links them with the exit. This is deeply related to the grading of privacy inside your home, where the hallway often connects public space (living room), semi-public (kitchen) and more private zone (bedroom).

Check out our inspirations, in which we present the variety of hallway’s project ideas and try to find something for your taste!

Użytkowość w przedpokoju

Functionality first

What to do when our hallway is small? How to arrange it to fulfill task, despite of the small space? It is smart to apply a simple trick of grey colours, which slim the place and make it more spacious.

prostota w urządzaniu przedpokoju


Simple in style, light furniture gives the room an elegant and modern feel: in contrary to a dark hanger background placed on the mural wall. Additionally, you can hang a mirror, which perfectly enlarges the whole room.

drewniane elementy w przedpokoju

Wood is sexy

Wooden finishes may have gone a bit out of fashion, but skilfully smuggled in they can gracefully complement a pretty interior, for example with wall slats panelling around a massive front door.

Roślinność we wnętrzach

Go Green

There’s no doubt, the flowers always add beauty to any room, even though it can be more narrow and small. The right choice of plants can add to the aesthetic qualities of your space.

porządek i przestrzeń w przedpokoju


For someone who likes order, space and structured solutions. In corpo style everything is in place, and the number of so-called accessories is minimal. When they do appear, they dominate the interior very clearly: an umbrella stand, a dark wooden bench or a snow-white brick wall.

porządek, przestrzeń i poukładane rozwiązania w przedpokoju

Naturalness and Simplicity

There is not much equipment in such a hallway. Natural material (floor, wooden mirror frame, matting) and a minimum of accessories are valued here. These, however, must be interestingly designed: a shoe rack or a wooden hanger resembling a large antler.

budżetowy przedpokój


Cheap, but pretty – especially to the young eye. The runner, bookcase and box system from IKEA fill the entire wall quite well and give the interior a light feel. To counterbalance this, a heavy mirror in a black frame completes the look. A style, which is very popular with young people on the rise.

jasne i wiosenne klimaty w przedpokoju


This is a proposal for keeping the hallway in a bright and spring-like atmosphere. All thanks to white furniture. With small accessories like wooden fretwork, a white-beige runner and a vase of yellow flowers, the room looks very modern, stylish and elegant.

artyzm i sztuka w przedpokoju


The hallway is where the first impression is made, so make it a fully-fledged room! Make the wall into art! Put up letters and fill it with photos. Put a small chair and a table with art books next to it and the gallery impression will be complete!

nietypowe rozwiązania w przedpokoju

Intriguing solutions

A small table is the perfect place for all those little things you need to store somewhere. Place a dish or bowl (for keys and coins) on the table for an extra neat look. A handy mirror and atmospheric candlesticks will create an amazing atmosphere!

indywidualne pomysły w przedpokoju

Personal Touch

Put down the level and create exciting organic formations on the wall! You can do it! Hang mirrors in eclectic form and create your own work of art right from the entrance. Remember that mirrors set at different levels will work for people of all heights. Be artistic and practical!

ład, czystość i porządek w przedpokoju

Clean and Tidy

Who doesn’t like a tidy and neat interior? Organise it the easy way! Small shelves on the wall are perfect for letters, bills or keys, and a mirror will make your interior look bigger. All that prepeared in a trendy industrial style with suitable accessories such as candle holder or flower pots.

Zadzwoń teraz!

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