With no doubt this is the most challenging part of the house arrangement, after the bathroom. The kitchen must combine various, may seem at odds, with such things as ergonomics, appearance and style. And even more, there are numerous technical conditions related to the water and electricity installations, and less often gas installations.

For these reasons, it is right to consider whether to arrange the kitchen alone or to hand it over to a professional interior finishing company.

Please look below, where we present various finishing solutions, that could serve you as ideas for creating something original. No matter of your modern or traditional attitudes, we have the knowledge you need, to turn your kitchen into a perfect place of genuine cusine prepared in comfortable conditions.

Classic style design of the kitchen | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Classic style

It combines a traditional approach to finishing and a modern form of an open kitchen with a dining area and even a place to work. Light furniture is a great contrast to the dark brown floor. The central chandelier is mainly decorative, while the lighting is supported by spot lamps.

Modern kitchen finishing | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Modern style

It is primarily the use of the latest trends in interior finishing. Look at the relatively small number of colors, used most often in the contrasting way. In addition, simple lines of furniture and floors (generally at an angle of 90°) with a top level ceramic hob  and household appliances from reputable companies are supposed to give the general impression of luxury.

Kitchen finishing in traditional style | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Traditional style

This is what almost all kitchens in Polish apartments of the 90s looked like. They were dominated by wood and wood-like boards. Door with characteristic cutters, and countertops with imitation of marble or granite. A standalone structure of kitchen island is a must. And of course the bright colors should dominate.

Finishing of the kitchen combined with the living room | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Open space

Today, an open kitchen is a standard. The host has a constant contact with guests, despite the ongoing kitchen work. Open shelves and plenty of space for drawers  provide efficient storage options for kitchen assortment, while the bar stools invite you to interact with the owner of the house.

The kitchen finishing with a bar counter | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Drink bar style

Yet another example of an open kitchen, although clearly separated from the dining area. The bar counter is a conventional border between the chef of the kitchen and the others. The bar-style stools and tabletop follow exactly the same rules as a real bar.

wood finishing in the kitchen | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

For connoisseurs

An example of a small, but efficient workspace in the kitchen. In the cooking zone, countertops and tiles are matching beautifully with the white covering. The open clearance between the cupboards and countertop increases the feel of height. Metal fittings add a wonderful flair which is also observed in a stainless steel refrigerator and stove.

The luxury kitchen style| Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Luxury style

The use of white-glossy colour on furniture and on the floor gives a feeling of space, order and luxury. It is confirmed by top kitchen appliances, also distinguished by the color of stainless steel. Numerous spotlights provide the right amount of light.

Black and white colours in the kitchen | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Black & White

In the era of Scandinavian and industrial fashion, such a kitchen is the perfect complement to the rest of the apartment. Making dishes takes place at the window and on the kitchen island. Instead of cupboard, there are shelves for kitchen accessories, installed. A designer payed an extra economic attention of the colours selection, which gives the feelings of order and space.

wykończenie kuchni na biało | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

White colour above all

This space is anchored by three elements: a floor-to-ceiling pantry on the left, a similar row of side cabinets that hides a fridge and freezer, and the kitchen island with a pulled-out table.

wykończenie kuchni w stylu loftowym | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Industrial style

What you see the most is a lot of space. Pay attention to the characteristic, large windows, which let the whole kitchen be full of daylight. Industrial solutions like space, so such a kitchen must have a direct connection with the rest of the apartment.

Eleganckie i nowoczesne wykończenia kuchni | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Elegance and prestige

A modern look in the semi-closed kitchen was given by a combination of the right colours: light mahogany, white cabinets and a metallic sheen of the countertop. Suspended ceiling emphasizes the refinement of the room bolded with a stylized inscription.

Unusual finishing of the kitchen: in the transition hall | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Kitchen in the corridor

A great idea for arranging a transition room. What suites best to such space, if not a kitchen? After all, this is the most “busy” place in the house. There is an area of making dishes on one side, with vis-à-vis section of shelves, pantry and a refrigerator.

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