Living room

This is exactly what reflects the most of the owner’s character and his attitude to other people and the environment. The way of furnishing, the type of floor, the colors of the walls, decorations, paintings or lamps will allow you to precisely define who lives here and what rules of life they follow.

See the arrangements below and fit them to your taste!

wykończenie wnętrza w stylu rustykalnym

Modern Rustic

This contemporary open space is full of modern and rustic character. The beamed ceiling is a nod to the rustic pattern, and a mix of vintage elements blends with most trendy designs, including a sofa.

nowoczesny styl w orientalnych wnętrzach

Modern Oriental

Create a place where you can relax by choosing furniture with clean lines, which allow light to circulate unhindered throughout the room. Add interesting furniture design and unusual accessories, such as a piece of withered tree.

aksamitny wystrój pokoju dziennego w kolorach morskiej zieleni i niebieskiej głębi

Praise the velvet

A wallpaper with a watercolor floral pattern provides a delicate backdrop for a beautiful and rich deep blue velvet sofa. By adding velvet cushions with a contrasting finish, it gives the entire living room a truly stunning decor.

Wykończenie wnętrza w odprężającym, minimalistycznym stylu

Relaxing Patterns

Keep the look modern yet minimalist by combining drops and splashes for an impressionistic interior perception. Use muted colors in shades of white, gray and sea blue. Vases with flowers or a bowl with fruit perfectly complete the look.

roślinność i zielone kolory we wnętrzach

Go Green

Use vibrant shades of fern, forest green and moss to bring natural luxury to a neutral palette. An “Urban Jungle” style photomural with accents of black brilliantly underlines the depth of the living room. A gray sofa and dark blue bedspread could be a great edge.

naturalność i jasna kolorystyka w pokoju dziennym

The Natural Ease

White walls, soft gray upholstery and light wood furniture create a relaxed and inviting look. Choose a classic sofa as the centerpiece, then introduce a mix of patterns with a collection of pillows and a geometric rug.

różowe kolory w pokoju dziennym

The Return of Pink

Pink is still trendy in the interiors. Combine soft pink with gray, choose a classic sofa as the focal point of the room, and introduce pattern with decorative pillows and a rug. Contrast the soft colors with a expressive floor lamp and coffee table.

klimat luksusu w pokoju dziennym

Everyday Luxury

You can create such a pleasant atmosphere by infusing a toning mix of patterned and plain linen and wool cushions for comfortable lounging. This is the perfect set for autumn and winter. If you don’t have a natural fireplace, you can always use its cheaper imitation.

przestronny i oszklony pokój dzienny z widokiem

Room with a View

Sofa with low back looks modern, and the multitude of window openings gives the feeling of a bright and spacious room. Deep from the sofa, we can comfortably enjoy the view outside the window.

białe ściany i tonacje szarości w pokoju dziennym

The New Look of the Interior

A well-chosen corner sofa will go well with the new interior design. A console with tall vases is a clever idea to give your home a sleeker look.

malarskie wzory tkanin i artystyczne efekty w pokoju dziennym

Artistic Palette

Turn your living room into a masterpiece with painterly fabric patterns, artistic effects and a rich color palette. Choose fine cotton, linen and silks printed in shades of color as a starting point. Combine highly decorative pieces with streamlined furniture for the perfect balance of form and function.

uzyskaj przytulność w pokoju dzięki meblom zrobionym z materiałów odpadowych i szpargałom w stylu vintage

Cozy Room

Muted gray walls paired with upcycled furniture and vintage-style finds give this living room a cozy feel.

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