Children have very specific visions of how they want to arrange their room, and the ideas are often inspired by epic movie sets and elaborate fairy-tale scenery. To pick up the right threads of the project is as difficult as winning the Euro Jackpot Lottery. But not all amazing ideas for children’s rooms are beyond the reality. It is enough to balance a child’s imagination with adults practical thinking. Some advice from interior designers will also do no harm.

Of course, our suggestions below are not the only ones, but we hope that even if we don’t put one bullet in the bullseye, we’ll hopefully inspire you.

Room for two boys

It perfectly illustrates how important is to use any space: thanks to a bicycle rack and a bunk bed, we gain space for movement. Ordinary oil barrels are great as tables or seats. The whole thing is kept in vivid colors and colorful patterns, because this is how children see the world.

Room for girls

Such a room must be equipped with charming accessories, e.g. bedside lamps with adjustable light or drawings of beloved teddy bears on the wardrobe door. It is smart to ask the children, how they imagine their own room. The more ideas they put in, the more pleasant it will be to live in – they will feel comfortably and happy there.

Safety first

Avoid furniture that may be dangerous, such as glass or with sharpe edge. For younger children, do not place furniture near a window. Slow-closing hinges are recommended for doors or drawers to avoid pinching your fingers. And it is nice of course to use warm colors.

Design arrangements

Arranging a room is actually a set of incentives that help a child stay organized and learn certain rules. It is important that the child has a special play area, another one for studying and yet another for sleeping. In this way, we get the child used to order and organized activities.

Use the colors

It is important to know how much and in which way to use them, because their proper selection stimulates children’s activity. Colors can soothe, but they can also stimulate. It is good to involve your child in the selection, so he can feel he has not been overlooked. It will be easier for him to accept the colors of walls, furniture, beds, curtains – after all this will be his room, isn’t it?

Remember the ergonomics

Choosing which desk your child will use is essential. It should provide a healthy position and comfort of use, so that the child would love to spend time with it. A chair, desk or bed should be adjustable in height and length. Also remember about a firm mattress: it is healthier and better supports your child’s physical development.

Flexibility in space

A child’s taste changes very often as a result of the maturation process. Therefore, one should avoid arranging the room in one “fashion”. Today, the child likes Mickey Mouse, and tomorrow, Superman. Let us choose more generally and with full consultation with the child, e.g. the theme of fairies for girls, and for boys cars, footballers or pirates.


Good room lighting has a great influence on the child’s mentality. We are talking about artificial as well as natural light – especially last one is extreemely important to have in mind. A children’s room must have several window openings and good central lighting. There should be a bedside lamp by the bed, e.g. in the form of a toy or gadget.

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