A house with a garden without veranda is like a car with a steering wheel, but without seats. The warm spring-summer-autumn season in Poland is long enough for us to have quite a few hot days, when the veranda is the most used place in the whole house.

So it does make sense that it is nicely designed and integrated with the surrounding garden.

Wykończenie werandy; półotwarty taras

Semi-open veranda

This semi-open style enlarges space. The openwork fence covers from noise and wind, while the daylight may pass through. A lightweight construction allows a folding fabric roof to be hung. The tiled floor and plant pots bring order and essential of nature.

wykończenia pod klucz - weranda schodkowa w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Backyard veranda

A very standard solution, often found in detached houses. Double, wide living room doors lead to the veranda, which is a natural extension of the living room with access to the garden. The floor covering is usually wooden.

wykańczanie wnętrz - zabudowa tarasu otwartego | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Simple form of a veranda

An example of how to arrange the terrace area at the house in a simple and inexpensive way. The tiled floor is a prelude of making the whole place nice and cozy. Instead of a typical canopy we have a stylish, folding umbrella. Greylight colours as well as plants bring an element of comfort.

weranda typu walk-out

Walk-out veranda

The modern yet minimalistic look of the veranda is achieved with light beige tile tones and bright furniture. The clever connection of floor and grass gives a very natural feeling of space. The veranda can always be covered from the sun.

weranda oszklona zamykana

Built-in veranda

For those who want to use their veranda almost all year round, we suggest a closed building construction: with a glass roof and a sliding door system. The planked floor and the grey furniture completing the room perfectly.

weranda z zabudową żerdziową

Easy forms

A nicely designed and well built structure gives a sense of aesthetics and functionality – it is easy to roof it in case of rain or heat. A garden lounge furniture in similar colours gives the veranda a simple content, while the open form gives a feeling of space.

weranda wtopiona w ogród

Garden veranda

If you have a well-kept, large garden, you should think about a veranda bathed in garden greenery. Walk up to the veranda along a wide, boarded up pathway. Trees with sloping branches will be your natural roof, while the rattan or wicker furniture perfectly fill the whole place.

weranda ażurowa w ogrodzie

Veranda in the open air

A veranda does not necessarily have to be an extension of the house. You can place it as more isolated spot in the garden. Such a “temple of contemplation” has a great, healing effect. Large dose of plants is worth every penny!

Zadzwoń teraz!

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