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styl marokańskie boho w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Moroccan style

Colorful lanterns, low tables and floor cushions give outdoor spaces a summer, artistic atmosphere. Don’t be afraid of a wall of bold colours that combines rich hues with strong patterns to cause nostalgic memories from the bright Moroccan bazaar.

styl europejskie boho w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

European style

Think burlesque gypsy caravans, bead ornaments, tassels and crochet curtains. This approach will allow you to be chaotic and boisterous, and at the same time create with inspiration and elegance. The goal is to reflect your spontaneity.

styl western boho w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Western Boho

Vintage leathers, fringes and butterfly armchairs – high canopies and low floor beds. Think rustic wood and wooden furniture with strong materials like hemp blankets and pillows that will turn your space into a 1960s paradise.

styl modern boho chic w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Modern Boho-Chic

White on white is a great idea for a boho-style interior. In addition, wooden floor boards painted white, a “fancy” chandelier and pillows in white and grey colours. Subdued shades and a large number of plants will create a relaxed atmosphere.

styl rustykalny boho w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Rustic style

The key to finish interior in this style are the sea colours, which blend in perfectly with white walls decorated with pictures and hanging gadgets. It is smart to think about an extraordinary chandelier. The whole rural climate should be complemented by rich plants.

styl boho modern decor w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Boho Modern Décor

The accessories are fundamental here – skillfully combined with the classic taste – determine the overall appearance of the room. Lamps, mirrors, pictures, carpets, pillows, bowls or vases: the more eclectic forms they contain, the easier is to achieve the desired effect.

boho eclectic home office w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Eclectic office

Don’t be afraid to combine different styles with artistic decorations. A shaggy Moroccan rug in combination with a padded chaise longue or a modern cube-shaped bookcase and accents from the 70’s can bring unexpected results.

styl klasyczny boho w pokoju dziennym w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Living room

Textiles and graphics are the two easiest ways to introduce a boho style. Reach for a colourful, patterned rug. Add embroidered pillows with a print, beads or tassels. Add colour to the walls with interestingly framed drawings and pictures.


What is exactly a Boho style? First of all, it is a mix of colours, textures and patterns. Boho style combines influences and elements from different cultures and eras. The word Boho itself comes from bohemian English and refers to the Czech and Czech language, ​​before the word “Czech” became commonplace. In art, it means style or socially unconventional people. They included, for example, the Gypsies who still live in large numbers in Bohemia and Moravia. They have always led an unconventional, artistically rich and nomadic life. In the 1960s and 1970s, the boho style enjoyed renewed popularity, and many of the key features of the former Boho are in line with today’s Boho-chic style.

Boho design principles are that… there are no rules. The style is guided by the motto: “show everything that you have collected throughout your life.” It doesn’t matter if something “fits or not” or if you have something you shouldn’t have. Fill the interior with a collection of fabrics, patterns, books, works of art, mirrors, antiques or travel memories, and chic chaos will emerge! Wooden furniture in a rustic version is a must, the eclecticism and unevenness of the surface are ubiquitous, and humor and kitsch often fill modern interiors of this style. For all its anarchy of creation and design, Boho has a few common themes worth following in order to create an effortlessly eclectic bohemian-inspired space.

Variety of patterns

The only thing that is never missing in a boho style is design. However, adding patterns to your room can be achieved in many ways. Think: baskets, flower pots made of all kinds of materials, macrame wall hangings, natural fiber carpets, Persian or Turkish coloured carpets, wooden furniture, upholstery, and even graphics and stacks of books – all this can and should be patterned in style Boho! Hang the tapestry, the furniture covers, take the various pillows and place them on the sofa. In boho they say “more is more”, so add a few things you love!

Bring the atmosphere of culturally diverse objects into the interior and find a suitable place for them. Play with shapes and materials until you feel that they are the right complement to the whole thing. Don’t worry if you overdo it – you can always improve it! Maximalism is an extremely popular trend these days, but if this maximizing space is not your strenghts, you can use a more minimalistic boho version: leave the walls and basic furniture in pure white and grey colours, but pay attention to how to use woven materials, rugs, small pillows and natural elements such as wood and flowers to maintain a quantitative balance between them.

Don’t overdo black!

If you’re looking for a chic, bohemian setting, try to stay away from large black furniture or very dark wood furniture. Only bright materials! The dark ones are quite heavy, while the light wood will provide proper airiness and a clean background for the colours and patterns of your interior.

Dark patterns and furnishings should only be an extra choice – elements anchoring the overall look of the room.

Go green!

The more the better! This is a very distinctive feature of this style. It is practically impossible that any room in the boho style is missing plants. They simply give this amazing effect of a natural environment at home, which is never enough!

Don’t forget about hanging plants and vines – they can help beautify places that seem empty now. Do you dream about the “urban jungle by boho” style? Cacti are especially popular in this style, as well as large and widely spread palm trees. Remember: serious people surround themselves with plants that give positive vibes!

Lighting from various sources

String lights, lanterns, fashionable chandeliers, candles. Use everything! Proper lighting is an extremely important element of any style, so thinking about it when designing a boho space is no exception. You can mix and match any type of light source, but the best solution for a boho style is natural fiber pendants.

Pattern design must be!

Countless stamps and shapes are crucial in a boho decor. If you don’t feel this, try to choose your own colour palette first and work with it. For example purple and gold or rust and navy blue. However, remember not to exaggerate and leave some space to rest for the eye.

If you have something large and colourful on the floor, try to make the furniture quite subdued and only complement the “beating” rug.

Zadzwoń teraz!

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