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pokój dzienny w stylu francuskim w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Classic style

The classic character here is based on the use of skillfull tricks to emphasize the “Frenchness” interior. High apartment, narrow balcony, light plank floor, light grey colours, loft accessories like table with black frames. And more: chairs and lamps made of light wood-like material.

salon w stylu francuskim w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Palace style

Arranging a living room at home has its advantages. First of all it is space. There you can try to slightly exaggerate with style interpretation. Palace chairs can be matched with more modern furniture. Bright colours, blue carpeting and ornaments match perfectly with the brick fireplace.

francuski styl prowansalski w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Provencal style

This is definitely a rustic variety of French style, mixing Provencal country-side and French chic, sometimes barely noticeable (curved furniture shapes, exquisitely made mirror frame). Bright colors predominate: white and beige, as well as plants and flowers.

nowoczesny styl francuski w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Modern style

Modernity is expressed here with accessories. Cornices, moldings, accessories and paintings reflect the classic notion of French style as much as possible, but they surely take on the present-day forms. The high interior and window height, light grey wall colours and light plank floor remain the same.

kuchnia w stylu francuskim w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

French style kitchen

The key to success here is primarily the use of white colour. On its background, you can display what you want, such as bar chairs, stove or golden accessories (fittings, handles, chandeliers with crystals). The floor should be wooden of course, preferably whitewashed, on which you can put a small rug.

dodatki do stylu francuskiego w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

French ornaments

This is an example of a slightly “heavier” version of the French style: the dark yellow colour of the walls gives a golden glow thanks to well-designed lighting. The mahogany-coloured desk and tables contrast strongly with the cream-coloured carpet. Additionally, there is obligatory well-designed fireplace, candlesticks and mirrors in decorative frames. Almost a palace in the house.

styl francuski w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

French Mix

How to decorate the interior copying ideas from other styles and not spoil the overall look? You need space and, for example, multicoloured boho accessories in the form of bedspreads, seats made of African drums, a rug and an old dark brown wardrobe with decorative patterns. Please note an interesting solution for a coffered ceiling.

wykończenie salonu w stylu francuskim w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922


The high interior of the French style is ideal for arranging, for example, an artistic workplace. Perfectly lighted interior in bright colours of beautifully decorated walls provide comfort for a painter, sculptor or photographer. A small amount of furniture can be an advantage in this case, because the most important thing here is a space.


Almost all of us associate France with romance, luxury and refined taste. Magnate’s castles on the Loire, a turbulent history, exquisite food, excellent wine, the taste of cognac have forever marked on anyone, who has ever experienced it. So if you like such atmosphere, refined elegance with a hint of aristocracy, then the French-style interiors are just right for you.

One of the main features of this style is the high cost of finishing the interior, from furniture to small decorative elements. The French style always looks good at a large number of fabrics, for example rich velvet and brocade drapery combined with the lightness and transparency of chiffon or organza. All kinds of moldings, friezes and rosettes are characteristic of this style. An integral part of the French interior design are mirrors and paintings in carved frames, with gilding or in bronze-silver colours. Additionally, porcelain and crystal are the most frequently used accessories. The French style of the interior welcomes various lighting fixtures, such as sconces made of candlesticks and standing lamps with original fabric lampshades and crystal pendants. With all this, it is important that the room is quite spacious, with high ceilings and a large window, that provides enough daylight.

Below, we present some most important tips on how to finish different interiors in this style. To write it briefly: the French style must be partly as free as a flag waving in the wind, and partly as elegant as the French monarchy of the past.

Respect for history

When finishing an interior in this style, it is very polite to refer to history. After all, each apartment should have its own interesting history and specific charm that should be respected. Good design should combine the iconic character and elegance of the space with practical luxury. It can be white walls decorated with gilded cutters or stucco. Instead of recessed lighting, it is smart using tall floor lamps and sconces on the walls.

Furnishings à la Louis XIV

Furniture should be unique: wooden and metal chairs with gracefully curved legs and backs, tables on the thinnest rounded legs, armchairs and sofas of elaborate shapes with metal decorative elements, and upholstery with ornaments from the most expensive fabrics. It is not necessary to choose all the furniture in one colour. The most important thing is that they fit together in general. It is also welcome to combine equipment from different styles and eras.


The main rule when choosing a colour for the French style interior design is to be restrained. Pastel shades are preferred; and instead of the most commonly used white, the colour of ivory is used. Colours that harmonize with it, such as lily, emerald, grey-green, blue, silver and blue will be important here. When choosing shades, remember that the French style is all about elegance, not bombastic or vulgar.


The walls in the French interior, as in any other interiors, create a unique atmosphere. They are painted with matt or semi-matt paints. Wallpaper is also often used. Drawings made on an old cotton fabric bring a special romantic atmosphere to the room. Quite often, designers decorate the walls with large frames of a special plinth, on which they place lamps, mirrors or paintings. The floor should be absolutely from the high-level. The ideal solution will be laminate, parquet, glossy ceramic granite or polished stone in light shades. Usually, on such floor small rugs with floral patterns are placed. Ceiling decoration can be very different. The classic version has a painted ceiling with wide cornices. Stretch (glossy or matte) and even beamed ceilings that bring the spirit of the past into the interior are also popular.

Accessories and ornaments

As an interior decoration, you can use various types of glass and porcelain figurines, carved and metal caskets, antiqued screens, lace hand-made napkins, which are placed on tables and dressers as a support for small vases with bouquets. The glut of ornaments in this style is perfectly acceptable – after all, the baroque was an excellent forerunner!

Just in this style, as in no other, the open-shelves with exposed porcelain dishes will be appropriate. Decorative pillows with hand-embroidered ribbons or beads will be excellent decorative elements which you can mix all the shades used in the room.

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