Glamour style gallery

Soft Glamour

See how you can “lighten” the classic glamour style with a skilful combination of opposing tones.

Modern Glamour

The modern glamour style is characterized primarily by elegance and an attempt to leave from glamour and visible luxury.

pokój dzienny w stylu białego glamour

White Glamour

The glamour style has evolved with times. Lovers of glamour and elegance extended it with additional elements, e.g. using only white colours.

Deep Blue Glamour

Sea colours are the most fashionable ones in todays interiors. The blue depth perfectly contrasts with the golden lamp and the yellow armchair.

wersja kalifornijska stylu glamour | Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Californian Glamour

The key to decorating this style is a neutral colour palette, with golden metal fittings, accessories and expressive lighting fixtures taking center place.

Glamourous Kitchen

The basis of the kitchen (tiles, furniture, design) does not have to be glamorous. Add the necessary accessories in the form of a lamp, dishes or glazing, and you will get the desired effect.

Urban Glamour

How to make a bedroom in a glamour style? Use shiny, toned-down materials. We recommend silvery-gray-black tones with the addition of a loft style.

Ultra Glamour

The glamour effect can be reached thanks to metallic accessories, reflective surfaces and eye-catching wallpapers, just like in this bathroom.


If you are a fan of everything nice, fancy, shiny and generally extravagant, the glamour style may be perfect for you. It starts with a traditional look and creates a stunning, shiny and elegant look through many invigorating, ornate details. If you are interested in this style, here are some tips on how to introduce it to your home.

Get glamour furniture

If you want to shine with a glamour style, start with the furniture. The sofa that you buy for the living room should send a clear message that you value beautiful things in your life. Basically, a sofa should be made of soft material in a luxurious colour, such as crisp white or deep black. It should have remarkable details such as button quilting or inviting backrests.

Complete your elegant living room with a crushed velvet armchair – also with buttons – or a coffee table with a mix of shiny metal and mirrored glass. Combine glamour with a plush rug where you will dip your feet while relaxing on the sofa.

Keep subdued colours and interesting patterns

The glamor style is not about bright colour schemes. In fact, glamorous colour palettes are quite neutral, with white, cream, gray, black, gold and silver being the best expressions of this style. This does not mean, however, that your decor has to be boring, because the glamour style is supposed to combine neutral colours with unique patterns that are extremely eye-catching.

For example, even in the most strikingly finished glamour-style homes, you’ll see geometric patterns on the walls, with popular diamonds and chevrons. Even if you are not a fan of placing geometric shapes on the walls, note that zebra and leopard stripes also match the glamour style, allowing you a bit of madness and fun by choosing such patterns.

Shine with decorative invention and ideas that will dazzle everyone

One of the easiest ways to add shine to your interior is to use shiny details. It is just the right moment that you have full scope to indulge your own modesty in trinkets, knick-knacks and other idle eye-catching gadgets.

As a general rule, anything silver or gold that glitters or is reflected in a mirror is an obvious and indisputable element of your wonderful home.

Have you found a matching set of gorgeous golden candlesticks? How about a mirror with sequins or a framed sketch of a chandelier? Perfect! Go and get more: captivate your interior with such eye-catching details by placing it near mirrors or mirrored decorations for maximum shine.

Let your lighting show your style

Your lighting has the absolute right to shine too. Remember, this style is about art, so don’t worry if it looks downright theatrical. If you see an oversized glittering chandelier that practically blinds you with shiny crystals, go for it! And don’t be shy to decorate your walls with gold or silver sconces, preferably decorated with shiny sequins, if possible.

If you prefer hanging lighting, you should consider a nice multi-bulb chandelier made of e.g. rose gold or small crystal forms. And don’t forget to add a few shiny table lamps to any flat surface in your home. The more light falls on all shiny or mirror objects, the better it is!

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