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Cottage Style

A great example of how easy is to give a room a rustic feel, while maintaining a good finish. Despite the rustic, dilapidated character, the furniture is well-kept and perfectly reflects the rural atmosphere, also thanks to numerous flowers, colourful upholstery and an antique vase.

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Modern Shabby Chic

The use of modern furniture does not prevent the proper character of shabby chic, which is underlined here by the selection of light, white and beige colours, a bench made of natural wood, a patterned carpet and numerous accessories: mirrors, amphoras, decorative pillows, lamps and potted plants.

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Living room

Shabby chic interiors are known for their furniture and accessories full of character and personality. So start with a neutral base: light, stormy grey, off-white and shades of beige are the perfect backdrop for an elegant, but also shabby interior. Think of accessories such as woven baskets, a tray, a table or an armchair.

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This trend fits all the prevailing fashion trends, because the solutions used in it are timeless. It is a perfect match for a shabby chic style, where old furniture and dusted ideas are eagerly used. It is important to maintain the character of the style, e.g. with bright colours and numerous decor.

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Shabby Chic decor

Classic shabby chic interiors have squeaky, wooden floors. Take care of the multiplicity of decorative elements: a standing mirror giving a crooked reflection, wallpaper with patterns, a picture on the wall, rugs on the floor and potted plants. An old, leather sofa and a slightly scratched dresser will complete the whole look.

obraz na ścianie w stylu shabby chic w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922

Wall decorations

If your apartment is not fully finished in the shabby chic style, and you would like to cover this trend anyway, think about e.g. a large picture on the wall. You can add a scratched table, a small rug on the floor, and paint the walls in white or beige.

sypialnia w stylu modern shabby chic w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922


Bright bedding in sharp and wrinkle-free material will give the bedroom a more formal look, and soft cotton will add comfort and coziness to a casual style. You can also play with vintage velvet in small amounts to emphasize the luxurious aspects of your shabby chic interior.

kuchnia w stylu modern shabby chic w Imperium Wnętrz Kokotów 922


The easiest way to achieve shabby chic is by using the most visible elements of the room. In the kitchen, it is a table, shelves, walls or stools. Green windows create an interesting contrast to the white walls. And even more: decorations in the form of cloths, plants, platters and kitchen Shabby Chic is ready!


Shabby chic is a somewhat “commonplace” style, marked by the stamp of time, but with a lively, joyful appearance. Shabby Chic likes soft colours, a mix of vintage style and feminine accents. The interior design combines elegance and comfort in a cozy environment. Rustic furnishings, vintage décor and layers of comfortable materials make it a style that’s always in demand.

It was created in Great Britain, where the upper middle class was looking for an appropriate expression to recreate the aesthetics seen in stately country houses belonging to one family for generations. Shabby chic furniture needs to be vintage as it is passed down from generation to generation. The curtains are usually faded and the chaise longues are damaged, which is supposed to give the style an exclusive character. The English middle class was looking for an argument to introduce damaged or patinated furniture into their modern interiors.

Initiated in the 18th century, it was long underestimated. It was not until the 1980s that it became popular and it quickly turned out to be timeless. In design, it was a time when wealth and decadence took center place. One could say, that this style was an ideal response to the growing needs of the dynamically developing societies of Western Europe. From chic penthouses to corporate lobbies filled with gleaming marble and brass, this is how nearly every well prosperous man wanted to finish his apartment: filled with historically rich pieces of paint and vintage finds with a feminine touch. This is how Shabby Chic was born!

Subdued colours

When you start designing in a shabby chic style, begin with a neutral background. Paint the walls white, possibly cream, and be close to the wood, floors and details in natural colours. Why? Because the subdued background will allow you to fill the interior space with charming, invigorating finds with no fear that they will overwhelm the place. Remember that this is a relaxing style that should introduce a subtle harmony pleasing to the eyes.

Go natural

The more natural materials you introduce, the better you cherish the beauty of decor. Choose pieces of wood with a natural or rough stain; and antique and vintage elements are essential to gain an extra look. Choose cotton or wool rugs as well as linen cushions and bedspreads for natural comfort.

Controlled disorder

The appearance of the rooms marks the line between organized relaxation and controlled clutter. On the one hand, the collection of personal items, such as works of art, knick-knacks and souvenirs, and on the other hand, empty places that give a minimum of space. In the shabby chic style, you always have a chance to keep the element of cool minimalism and modern interior.

Take control of randomness

The shabby chic style is based on an improvisation approach, so it should give an atmosphere of freedom and comfort. The interior should look as everything was just thrown into one place accidentally. It is not easy, especially if you are used to more linear and modern styles. The easiest way to do it is to match elements placed at different angles to each other, e.g. a coffee table placed slightly to the side and a rug placed diagonally underneath.


In a bedroom, a frequent element of shabby chic décor are metal canopies and bed frames, because they are elegant and solid, although not very impressive. Choose an antiqued wardrobe for a more traditional look, or choose a brightly painted dresser or dressing table for a more eclectic and expressive character.

Bring eclecticism in the dining room: pick up chairs of different styles around the old time-worn table and top with a bright, patterned tablecloth. White wooden kitchen furniture is usually a smooth escape from anything pastel.

Accessories and textiles

Decorating in the shabby chic style is not difficult – just let your imagination run wild. Hang a variety of artwork and place sculptures along with a mismatched collection of mirrors to add dimension and light. Arrange rugs and put pillows and throws on the sofa – this way you can easily create a homely, cozy atmosphere.

Remember about the plants, which make any room alive. In line with the shabby chic trend, everything that is natural is perfectly acceptable in this style. Take care of larger flowers, such as palm trees and cacti, which in combination with small potted plants will set the tone for the whole room.


If you love natural light, choose transparent curtains that let through as much as possible. Remember that the shabby chic style loves nature above all. Wherever you need artificial lighting, choose vintage lamps of various sizes and materials and add a touch of shine with a subtle chandelier.

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